Corona virus – update #33 – 24/12/2021

To: Technion community

Following the arrival of the Omicron variant and the beginning of the fifth wave of the COVID pandemic, the government had decided to take certain measures to slow down the spread of the disease.  One of these steps is to reduce the presence of public sector employees in the workplace.  The implication of these new regulation on the Technion is as follows:

  • Employees in the administrative staff can work up to two days away from the campus.  Working away from campus is possible under the following conditions:
    • The work profile is such that it can indeed be performed outside of the campus
    • The employee has the necessary means to carry out the work (e.g., computer, communication, a suitable place to work, etc.)
    • The head of the unit or the chief administrator of the unit where the employee works has approved it.
  • Overtime work during days in which work is carried out away from campus is not allowed.
  • More detailed instructions will be sent separately to the administrative directors.
  • There is no change in teaching, exams or research activities.
  • Since no new gathering restrictions were put in place, events, ceremonies etc. can continue to take place as planned.  However, it is important to follow the general regulations regarding wearing masks in closed spaces (and it also recommended to wear masks in outdoor areas where several people are standing close to one another).
  • There is no change in the way people are allowed to enter the campus (presenting the Green Badge or a valid negative COVID test).  As well, there is no change in our work patterns.  In particular, offices that serve people will continue to do so even though it would be wise to recommend to service recipients (students, staff, visitors) to receive services through phone or digital means.
  • The regulations above hold to Technion and TRDF (Technion R&D Foundation) staff alike.
  • Following the government decision, these new regulations will start on Sunday (Dec. 26) and will be in effect through January 26th (unless extended at some point in time).

With best wishes of good health to all,