Corona virus – update #32 – 01/10/2021

To: Technion and Technion R&D Foundation (TRDF) employees, students and staff


I would like to bring to your attention certain changes in our COVID-related guidelines and work procedures that will come into effect on Sunday, Oct. 3rd:


  1. The Ministry of Public Health has changed the rules regarding eligibility to hold a “Green Pass”.  Please look at the RAMZOR website to find out whether you are still eligible and produce an updated Green Pass document to be presented where necessary.
  2. Everyone entering the Technion will need to present to the guards in the gates an updated Green Pass or a valid negative COVID test as before.    Dorm residents may also use their dorm confirmation document to enter the campus.
  3. As we prepare to launch the new academic year according to schedule, we will return to full scale work on our campuses.  Administrative directors in the various units may apply to the HR dept. at the Technion or TRDF to obtain special permission for specific employees to conduct their work from home or other remote locations.  Except for rare cases, such permits will be issued for up to one day a week.
  4. The limitation not to exceed 75% occupancy in lecture halls is removed.  Also, events and ceremonies can be held on campus as before but subject to the general COVID regulations as they apply in all other public places.


With best wishes,