Corona virus – update #35 – 06/02/2022

To: Students, Administrative and Academic Staff in the Technion and TRDF,

The Green Badge regulations will expire at midnight today and will no longer be required when entering the Technion.  The gates operations will return to its pre-COVID routine.  Please adhere to the traffic signs and instructions by the security personnel when entering our campuses.

Employees can work up to two days a week from home.  Please note that this requires specific approval by the direct manager of the employee as well as following a number of procedures that accompanied such remote working till now (e.g., availability, no over-time hours, etc.).

Exams will continue as planned.  We have spread the exams over a larger-than-usual number of classrooms and made sure that sufficient distance will be kept between the students.  We have also provided additional protection measures to safeguard the health of all involved.  Please note that wearing masks is a mandatory requirement throughout the exam.

The expiration of the Green Badge doesn’t mean that COVID is no longer here.  We still see a significant number of Technion and TRDF people who are confirmed as COVID-positive and others who are required to be in isolation for a few days.  Hence, we ask everyone to keep on adhering to the basic protection guidelines – in particular, wearing masks in any closed space and avoiding congested crowds.

With best wishes,