Corona virus – update #34 – 04/01/2022

To: Technion community

Starting tomorrow, we will place a booth in the Ullman Teaching center (8AM through 2PM daily) where students & staff will be able to purchase an antigen corona test kit for personal usage only.  The (subsidized) cost is 10 NIS and the purchase can be done only through the Technion application (if you don’t have one, please download it from the Google or Apple stores onto your mobile phone).  If the test result is positive, one has to leave the campus immediately and move into self-isolation space. For those living on campus, please coordinate with the Dorms’ Office the logistics of your quarantine.  Positive outcome requires one to follow up with a PCR test.

As indicated in a letter sent yesterday by the Senior VP (prof. Rabinovitch) to the students and Academic Staff, we have decided to continue our teaching and research activities as before.  To enable us to maintain these core operations, I am asking everyone to adhere to the regulations regarding wearing face masks and avoiding congested spaces. Work related meetings should be carried out, as much as possible, through Zoom.

Anyone infected with COVID, or that is aware of someone else in our community that was affected, should report it ASAP to the relevant administrative staff.  We are doing our best to collect & analyze the data on confirmed cases as it helps us make the right decisions while the pandemic continue to evolve over time.

With best wishes of good health to all,