Corona virus – update #27 – 20/02/2021

Re-opening the Sports Center: Updates and additional information

Dear all,

Please see below some updates regarding the re-opening of the Sport Center tomorrow:

  • Negative Corona test will NOT enable entrance (this is in contrast to my previous message on this subject).
  • Using formal Vaccination / Corona recovery confirmation will be possible tomorrow as many people who were vaccinated have not yet printed the Green Badge Confirmation.  But, from Monday onwards, entrance will be possible only to those holding formal Green Badge confirmations (please look for the RAMZOR website of the Ministry of Public Health where one can print these confirmations).
  • The numbers of people staying simultaneously in the swimming pools complex and the gym are restricted by the Green Badge regulation to maximum capacity figures.  We will monitor these numbers and in case we reach these ceilings, new arrivals will have to wait until some users of the center leave.  If and when the demand to the center’s facilities will surge, we will reinstall an early reservation system.
  • At this stage, children under the age of 16 are not allowed to enter the Sport Center.
  • Users of the center’s facilities are kindly requested to follow the guidelines printed and pasted inside the complex.
  • The gym will reopen tomorrow on 7AM and the pool complex at 10AM.

Wishing good health to all,