Corona virus – update #22 – 07/01/2021

To all the Technion community – students, employees (Technion and TRDF) and academic staff,

As the third lockdown comes into effect at midnight today, I wish to update you regarding the way the Technion will operate during the lockdown (currently scheduled to last until January 21st but may be extended dependent on the situation):

  1. The updated Purple Badge regulations forbid congregations of more than 5 people in a closed space and up to 10 people in the open air. This regulation hold to all gatherings including team meetings or the research labs. In general, we ask you to avoid physical meetings as much as possible, even if they involve less than 5 people.
  2. Work at the Technion will continue at a reduced format according to specific guidelines distributed to the chief administrators in each unit. HR departments at the Technion and the TRDF will inform the directors of each unit regarding the flexibly to work at home and the reporting protocols involved.
  3.  Admin work on campus will be limited to activities that support the continuity of operations at the Technion and the TRDF (e.g., maintaining our ability to continue providing online teaching, etc.).
  4. Academic staff, lab teams, graduate students and postdocs are allowed to continue operating the research labs under the updated Purple Badge regulations.
  5. Clinical training and out-of-campus educational activities are allowed.
  6. Teaching staff are allowed to use the classrooms that were equipped with proper multi-media capabilities to teach (but without physical presence of students)
  7. Students living off campus are kindly requested NOT to come to the campus. During the lockdown, there will be no frontal teaching, no teaching labs, no frontal exams, etc. Also, for the time being we won’t allow the usage of libraries and other facilities for self-learning (but we are trying to change that regulation and will report if successful).
  8. Students living in the dorms will follow the same regulations as other citizens living in ordinary neighborhoods (in particular, they can go in and out of campus up to 1000 meters to purchase food etc.).
  9. There is no need for special travel permits and entering the campus will continue as it’s done today by presenting your ID (student, employee, etc.) and Health Statement.

We all hope that this 3rd lockdown will be the last one and that together with the vaccination campaign we will be able to gradually re-open the campus right after the lockdown and bring it back to routine operations at the beginning of the Spring semester.

Wishing all of you good health,