Reporting entering and exiting buildings

By the ministry of health  instructions entering and exiting buildings requires reporting via QR code placed near building doors.

QR code example

Reporting can be done in two ways:

  1. Direct scan of QR code.
  2. Using the Technion app after login. The app named “Technion” can be downloaded from  Play Market  andAppStore.

Direct QR scan example

direct scan example

Scaning via Technion app:

scan via Technion app

Privacy Statement signed by applying the code :

 “I know that identification is a prerequisite for entering and exiting buildings in the Technion.
I know, agree and undertake to be identified at each entry and exit and I know that the information will be kept securely and will be transmitted only to the Ministry of Health or another approved entity on demand, in accordance with the regulations and laws applicable in the emergency state of the Corona crisis.”